Sanae Takahata

2022.3.25Fri - 2022.4.30Sat

Artist Statement
I began this painting “Hope: Beyond Spacetime” in the spring of 2020 when the COVID-19
outbreak went from being an “International Concern” to being declared a pandemic. It is an
echo of “Looking For The Face Of Tomorrow” a work that I painted in New York when I was
22 years old and still coming to grips with living in Manhattan.
Decades have passed between these two paintings. An inconceivable virus has taken
millions of lives and darkens the entire planet. A brutal despot ordered the invasion of a
peaceful and prosperous nation taking many innocent lives and putting the world in greater
turmoil. Just surviving is a chore.
In the cities of Eastern Europe and the Baltic Nations where I have traveled extensively,
there are a lot of artworks created under harsh and oppressive living conditions. These
artists had no choice but to cry out and express themselves. Art, music and literature is not
only born in peace and affluence, but also in the harsh living conditions of death, poverty,
hunger and sadness. It infuses the power to live on. With the clouds of anxiety and despair
floating above me, I surround “Hope: Beyond Spacetime” with spiritual and floral paintings
that represent HOPE.
At the age of 18, I left my country and I have been traveling ever since. Crowded markets
have always attracted me. Walking through the maze of the world’s bazaars, I have found
and collected many items antique jewelry & parts, food molds, Eastern European crystal
chandelier pieces, beads, Baltic amber that has been sleeping on the seabed for millions of
years, etc. These gathered items that transcend national borders & ethnic groups and
peacefully coexist in my hands are reborn in the form of my one of a kind “Personal
Please visit my “Spacetime” in person, virtually or spiritually. There’s plenty of room.

1620×1300mm / Oil on canvas / 2020-2022

「Personal Object 2022-1」
180×140mm /Mixed Media / 2022


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