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Yasuo Nomura

2017.4.21Fri - 2017.4.18Tue

Opening reception

2017.4.21Fri 19:00 - 21:00

hpgrp Gallery TOKYO is pleased to announce “Dimensionism”, a solo exhibition by Yasuo Nomura for the first time in two years. Nomura’ s body of work enquires into the very essence of pictorial beauty by employing topics from art history and scientific theory.

Nomura joined the airtist-in-residence program of Kavli IPMU (Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe) at the University of Tokyo in 2015, surrounding by the forefront of scientific study on site, brought him back with many ideas.  In this exhibition, he challenges new pictorial expression with a concept of  “high dimension”.

Artist’s Comment

Einstein's theory of relativity and Picasso’s cubism are both the revolution of science and art in the 20th century. It was “Science and Hypothesis” written by Henri Poincaré that impacted on them who opened up a new era. Non-Euclidean geometry and the four-dimensional figures gave a vision of new generation to the people who were in the major change of modernization at the time. The famous work “The Large Glass” by Duchamp is no exception.  Duchamp, who was depicting time and motion by cubism method, formed the four-dimensional work based on the description of Poincaré's "division of dimension".

The mathematical method called topology accomplished by Poincaré highly abstracted the natural sciences of the 21st century centered on the “high dimension,” which became far apart from what a painter can be aware. However, I would like to start the painting theory of the 21st century that aims to connect the current high dimensional physics theory and the modern mathematics by redefining as "painting is the art of dimension".

There is a technique of cutting and reconstructing dimensions called "fibration" in topology dealing with high dimensions.  When thinking about the two-dimension in paintings, I was reminded of the contour lines used for maps. In this solo exhibition, I would like to develop this idea more and analogize the scenery spreading in the high dimensional world by the elements of  “movement of coordinate system”, “rotation”, and “layer”.

「Noctis Labyrinthus」2017/Acrylic, silicone, marker, and glitter on panel/987 × 1597 mm

Yasuo Nomura

1979 Born in Shimane, Japan
2004 B.A., Oil Painting Course, Musashino Art University

Selected Solo exhibitions
2014 “Paradigm Equinox” Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery (Tokyo)
2014 “Forest of Prime” momurag (Kyoto)
2014 “Re: Vitruvian Man” H.P.FRANCE WINDOW GALLERY (Tokyo)
2012 “ecosphere” IOSSELLIANI T-02-IOS (Tokyo)
2012 “Social Eclipse” Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery (Tokyo)
2011 “WASTE STYLE” mograg garage (Tokyo)
2008 “Story of the Pion/TIME” mograg garage (Tokyo)
2007 “Story of the Pion/1080 Kleshas” Tobo temple (Shimane)

Selected Group exhibitions
2015 “-Pureism National Exhibition- Asagaya Art Street 2015” in Asagaya(Tokyo)
2015 “NEW CITY ART FAIR New York” hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK (New York)
2014 “SHIBUYA STYLE vol.8” SEIBU Shibuya Art Gallery (Tokyo)
2014 “NEW CITY ART FAIR New York” hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK (New York)
2013 ”Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery (Tokyo)
2013 “SHIBUYA STYLE vol.6” Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery (Tokyo)
2013 “mograg vol.04 Launch Exhibition” excube / shikaku (Osaka)
2013 “Color Me Pop!” Seibu Ikebukuro Atelier Movida (Tokyo)
2012 “ULTRA005 -Director Chieko Tanaka-” SPIRAL (Tokyo)
2012 “Ningen wo Egaku” Koganei Art Spot Chateau 2F (Tokyo)
2010 “NON FICTION” Pulp (Osaka)
2010 “ZERODATE” Onariza&Kyu-Bonjour (Akita)
2010 “ART BATTLE ROYALE” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (Tokyo)
2010 “ART FAIR FREE” Vacant (Tokyo)
2010 “Art Tengoku 2010 -Enter the Tiger” Matsunoyu (Tokyo)
2010 “Ku-chu GO” MAGIC ROOM?? (Tokyo)
2009 “SECRET PHANTOM 2” Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (Tokyo)
2009 “m.a.s.k? spring collection 2009” MAGIC ROOM?? (Tokyo)
2007 “Central East Tokyo 07” Agata Building (Tokyo)
2006 “EXPOSITION ‒MANDALA” La Petite Rockette (Paris)
2006 “l’art sans fin” Le CARROSE (Paris)

URL: yasuonomura.com/

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