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History on paper #3 - The printing -
Alex Katz, Julian Opie and Katsura Funakoshi

2017.1.7Sat - 2017.1.15Sun

hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO proudly announces “History on Paper #3 –The printing-“.

The exhibition series entitled “History on paper” features great works that have created new
aesthetic values in the age and influenced to the next generation.
For this time, printing works by Alex Katz, Julian Opie, and Katsura Funakoshi will be
showcased and particularly spotlighted human bodies.
The artists are from distinct cities such as New York, London, and Tokyo, and their works are
collected by major art museums in the world.

“Portrait of Poet -Kenneth Koch-“ Alex Katz 64x91cm lithographe

”Hijiri with Silk Scarf” Julian Opie 90x67.9cm Silkscreen

”Nemuri no machi e” Katsura Funakoshi 76x56cm lithographe

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